Bread and Circuses London Performances & Broadcast

Excerpts from the new opera “Bread and Circuses: an opera in two acts and a wrestling show” performed in London on September 20th at the Cockpit Theatre and the 21st to the 23rd at the Playground Theatre.

From the 24th of September until the 22nd of October the Cockpit Show will be streaming online as an interactive broadcast. Click here!

Music: Liam Wade
Words: Charles Ogilvie
Original concept: Mark Johnston
Additional development: Julia Mintzer

Producer: Eleanor Benson
Music Director: Mark Johnston
Stage Director: Julia Mintzer
Assistant Director: Eleanor Burke
Production Manager: Ryan Wilce

Shaunie Flynn: Camilla Kerslake
Ada Vance: Grainne Gilllis
Voice of Vince Flynn: John Packard
Voice of the MC: Liam Wade
Piano: Mark Johnston
Percussion: Darren Berry

Video Game developed by: Ravensbourne University
Led by: Dev Bye-a-Jee
Animators: Philip Kakala, Sam Galloway, Jez Fermor, Sebastian Winnett
In consultation with: Charles Ogilvie and Sebastian Winnett